Friday, July 27, 2012

How LINKING can help improve your Google ranking

The number of quality incoming links is very important when it comes to search engine ranking. If a popular site has a link to your site, Google recognises your site as a credible website. High volume of links from smaller and relevant sites is also recognised as a mark of credibility. For example, if you own a hairdressing salon and websites such as a nail salon or beauty product site has a link on their website to your site, Google takes note of this information and deems your site more relevant for target search terms in that industry. Google uses PageRank to measure a websites credibility and varys between 1 to 10. the higher the score, the more credible your site is. If a site with has a high PageRank score links to your site, it affects your score positively. My advice is to connect with businesses and directories within the same industry and add your site or ask for a link exchange. Link exchange is achieved by adding their link on your site and they add your link to their site. If you have any questions please email and Good Luck!

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